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Walter S. Barr Fellowships for graduate students are awarded to permanent or qualified former residents of Hampden County who graduated from an eligible high school and are pursuing full-time post-graduate degrees. If that degree program requires more than one year of full-time study, the award can be renewed for as many as two additional years, if warranted.

Fellowships are granted in the amount of $5,000 per academic year, paid in two installments each semester, and carry a maximum value of $15,000. Fellowships are automatically renewed each year provided a minimum GPA of 3.0 or passing grade is maintained. 

Awards are determined using all available information, including school records, recommendations and examination scores. Consideration is given to both the merit and financial need of the applicant. If the student’s residency is in question, the Fellowship Committee reserves the right to make this decision.

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Instructions for Walter S. Barr Fellowship Applicants Pursuing Graduate Degrees

1. Complete and submit the scholarship application online or download blank forms. DO NOT staple or permanently bind any of your application materials in any way. If Mailing, PLEASE SEND ALL INFORMATION TO THE HORACE SMITH FUND AT THIS ADDRESS:

THE HORACE SMITH FUND 16 Union Avenue, Ste. 2-K Westfield, MA 01085

2. Eligibility: In general, applicants must be residents of Hampden County or former residents who have graduated from an eligible high school in Hampden County.

3. The completed application and all supporting documents must be received in The Horace Smith Fund office no later than March 15th.

4. The applicant is responsible for sending us an official undergraduate and any applicable graduate transcripts.

5. Scores on the Graduate Record Examination or other professional school tests must be sent directly to The Horace Smith Fund.

6. Three persons, not relatives, should complete reference forms for you. Completed reference forms should be submitted online or mailed by the person writing the reference to The Horace Smith Fund.

7. The “Personal Statement/Essay,” which is part of your application, is very important. The essay will help to distinguish you from other outstanding applicants. Your essay should present who you are and who you hope to become as you pursue your education and career goals.

8. Awards made will be based on all available information, including school records, recommendations, and examination scores. Consideration will be given to both the merit and financial need of the applicant.


Your college handles hundreds of requests to have transcripts sent to many agencies. Make your request in writing as soon as you can and keep a copy of your letter in case you need to follow up later. The same applies to the Educational Testing Service and your references. We suggest that you call The Horace Smith Fund office before March 15th to make sure that all documents have been received. After you have submitted your application, you should keep us up to date on any changes, such as acceptance to graduate school.


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